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    • Japan
    • FlowerPark / Garden

    Suzuka-no-Mori Teien

    Suzuka-no-Mori TeienJapanAt the foot of Suzuka Mountains, Suzuka-no-Mori Teien is a new sightseeing spot. The Garden …

    • Japan
    • Valley/Gorge/Canyon

    The Peeing Boy of Iya Gorge

    The Peeing Boy of Iya ValleyJapanThe Iya Valley is one of the three most unexplored regions of Japan. A statue of a p…

    • Japan
    • Castle/PalaceSea of Clouds

    Takeda Castle Ruins

    Takeda Castle Ruins JapanThe Takeda Castle, constructed on the mountain at 353 meters of altitude, is one of one hund…

    • Japan
    • Flower

    Azumayama Park

    Azumayama Park JapanAzumayama Park is especially popular in January and February, when the rapeseed flowers are in bl…

    • Japan
    • FlowerCastle/Palace

    Hirosaki Castle

    Hirosaki Castle (Hirosaki Park)JapanHirosaki Castle tower is the only one castle tower in Tohoku area which rebuilt a…

    • Japan
    • FlowerPark / Garden

    Awaji Hanasajiki(Awaji Flower Gallery)…

    Awaji Hanasajiki (Awaji Flower Gallery) JapanAwaji Hanasajiki (Awaji Flower Gallery) is one of the best flower viewi…

    • Japan
    • WaterfallRiver

    Shirahige Waterfall & Blue River

    Shirahige Waterfall & Blue RiverJapanA Shirahige waterfall is near the Shirogane hot spring of the biei River. Fl…

    • Japan
    • AnimalOcean/Beach/Island

    Okunoshima “Rabbit Island”

    Okunoshima “Rabbit Island”JapanThis small island with a circumference of approximately 4 km was formerly a secret isl…

    • Japan
    • FlowerMountain

    Mt. Shiude

    Mt. ShiudeJapanMt.Shiude is located on the Shonai Peninsula, which separates the Bisanseto and Hiuchinada part of the…

    • Japan
    • FlowerTemple/Pagoda/Shrine

    Jonangu Shrine

    Jonangu ShrineJapanJonangu Shrine is an ancient shrine founded to provide spiritual protection of the country when th…